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Financial Databases and Research
Financial Databases and Research

Announcement: New Blog

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Just a quick announcement that I am now continueing this blog at another address:

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06:50 PM - 13 March 2012

International Human Development Indicators

The Human Development Report is an independent publication commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The Human Development Report was started as an important tool for raising awareness about human development around the world.
The Human Development Report introduced the composite human development index, the HDI. The HDI was created as a single statistic which serves as a frame of reference for both social and economic development.

The human development data which is used in the preparation of the Human Development Index (HDI) is provided by a variety of public international sources and represent the best and most current statistics available for those indicators at the time of the preparation of this annual report. Calculations of HDI values and country rankings are made by the Human Development Report Office.

The first of the Human Development reports was published in 1990. All reports are full-text available online and can be downloaded. In addition there are several tools which allow you to view data and download in many ways. An example is the Public Data Explorer:

It is also possible to create and download your own data tables through the menu option Database:

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10:16 PM - 16 February 2012

Global Reporting Initiative

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For the past 10 years many companies have started reporting on the impact of their company on the world. Many companies have also started producing separate annual Corporate Social Responsibilty or Sustainability reports. This type of report covers information about economic, environmental, social and governance performance.

A Non-Governmental Organization was formed in 1997 and is now called the Global Reporting Initiative. This organization has a specific website where issues relating to corporate sustainability are posted and guidelines are issued. These guidelines are now widely used as a reporting framework for performance on human rights, labor, environmental, anti-corruption, and other corporate citizenship issues. In 2006 the third generation of guidelines were issued: GRI3. Work is already underway on vesion 4 of the guidelines.

The GRI website in 2011 offered an excel file with annual lists of the companies which reported on sustainability. Each company that reports using the GRI guidelines gets issued a GRI Code. The GRI codes for the companies are included in the lists. The excel file can be downloaded here. The GRI website also offers a database on these types of reports from over 3000 companies worldwide:

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09:21 PM - 20 December 2011

WorldScope company coverage update

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WorldScope company records now cover annual reports data for 71413 companies. This includes 45872 active and 25541 inactive companies. This update: 498 companies were added. WorldScope company records are available through Datastream and LexisNexis.
I have updated the WorldScope country coverage file and it now includes the latest update as it was posted in the fourth Thomson Reuters Infostream quarterly publication of 2011. Several new countries are now added and a lot of new companies are now covered.

New Country (Number of company records):
Bangladesh (16)
Cambodia (1)
Guernsey (19)
Jersey (9)
Niger (1)
Senegal (1).

Major updated Countries:
Australia (41)
Canada (54)
China (85)
South Korea (29)
Taiwan (21)
United States (74)

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11:57 PM - 8 December 2011

World Bank Commodity Prices - update November 2011

New and updated information on commodities have been published in the December monthly pink sheet. The new pink sheet can be downloaded through the website on commodity markets. It is available as a PDF file.
The World Bank also offers an updated complete historical monthly commodity price series starting from 1960. The overview can be downloaded as an excel file and has the new monthly price data up until November 2011.

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10:41 PM - 7 December 2011

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