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Financial Databases and Research - LexisNexis and executive compensation information
Financial Databases and Research

LexisNexis and executive compensation information

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These days, when the Credit crunch is all over the news, there is also talk of executives receiving salaries and bonuses that are excessive. Newspapers also report on negative results due to exceedingly large compensations which sometimes caused executives to take actions that were good in the short term for themselves or the shareholders but may have worsened company stability and performance in the long run. With all the increased attention on executive compensation there is also a lot of interest in sources that offer information on this.

There are few sources that have information on executive compensation. Two of these sources I mentioned earlier in this blog: Compustat ExecuComp and Hoover's Company Records. LexisNexis also sometimes has some limited information in some of the company sources.


Two particular sources offer much more than brief information on executives of US companies:

  • EDGAR Online
    This report source contains full-text company reports from the US Securities and Exchange Commission from 1994 to now and is
    updated daily. Edgar is available through the SUBGroup: All Company information (Excl. D&B) [= Bedrijfsinformatie (Excl Investext en D&B)]
  • U.S. Executive Compensation Database
    CoreData's U.S. Executive Compensation database provides executive compensation and auditor fees, as reported in the Annual
    Meeting Proxy Statements or Form 10-K, filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The source offers information that goes back 5 years and it is updated weekly. This source is available through SUBGroup: US Company Reports of the section US Company Reports [= Bedrijfsinformatie - V.S. ondernemingen]

If you want to look for reports on executive compensation in both sources you can use either the company names or CIK identification codes in combination with the string "DEF 14A". If you use this string literally between quotes you will get these specific reports. For Edgar Online reports in the SUBgroup All Company information (Excl. D&B) you need to add the name of this source between quotes as well: "Edgar Online".


For EDGAR Online a search in the SUBGroup on the company Adobe Systems INc would look like:

- Example 1: "Edgar Online" AND "DEF 14A" AND 0000796343

- Example 2: "Edgar Online" AND "DEF 14A" AND "Adobe Systems"


For U.S. Executive Compensation Database a search in the SUBGroup on the company Adobe Systems INc would look like:
- Example 1: "DEF 14A" AND 0000796343
- Example 2: "DEF 14A" AND "Adobe Systems"


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12:05 AM - 27 February 2009

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