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Financial Databases and Research - The Dutch BIK classification codes in Amadeus
Financial Databases and Research

The Dutch BIK classification codes in Amadeus

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All companies registered at the Dutch chamber of commerce (= Kamer van Koophandel) get an industry classification code. This code is the "Bedrijfsindeling kamers van Koophandel" (BIK) classification code. The last version of this code can be downloaded here. In addition to a primary BIK code many companies also get a secondary activity BIK code. All codes are a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 digits long.


In June 2009 the Dutch Camber of Commerce switched from the 2005 BIK code to the SBI 2008 code (SBI = Standaard BedrijfsIndeling). The SBI code is also used by the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) in the Netherlands and is based on the international NACE code.

The first four digits of the SBI are equal to the ISIC (International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities, international code of the United Nations) and the NACE code (= classification code of the European Union on Economic Activities in the European Community). The fifth digit of the SBI applies specifically to Dutch companies.


On the website of the Dutch Camber of Commerce an overview is published which explains which shows how the BIK codes are translated to SBI codes. An overview of changes in the SBI code version2 (of June 2009) compared to the first version (of April 2009) is also available.


One of the few financial database that has information on Dutch companies is Amadeus of Bureau van Dijk. You can search in this database using the BIK codes. If you want to include the BIK codes in a download you can create a custom report or a custom list. The variable that will list the BIK code for Dutch companies is called the "National Industry Code, primary". The secondary activity code is called "National Industry Code, secondary". The codes can be found in the section "Activities":


If you use Wharton to search in Amadeus the variable that you can use is: NATPRI (Char 6, Primary National Code).


According to Bureau van Dijk the new SBI code will be included in the website version of Amadeus sometime in the next couple of months. The BIK codes will also remain available. The Wharton version of Amadeus will probably be updated next year as this version is updated only once a year.


Note: the variable "National Industry Code" contains different codes for other nations. Click HERE for an overview of the classification codes for other countries.


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02:11 AM - 1 October 2009

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