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Financial Databases and Research - Standard & Poor's website and Indexes
Financial Databases and Research

Standard & Poor's website and Indexes


In an earlier post I have referred to the Standard & Poor's website for downloading historical lists of their indexes: S&P 500, S&P 400 and the S&P 600 (together they form the S&P 1500). After registering for access it was possible to download historical lists going back to the year 2000. Unfortunately the website has changed and this information is no longer available from this website at the earlier location and the historical daily lists only go back 1 year now.


To download the currently available S&P historical indexes for the past year you now need to register (no cost involved) at the website of the Index Data Platform:


When you are logged in the following screen appears where you need to go to the quick link "Data History".



After clicking this option the next screen appears where, under the tab "standard reports", you can select the index and date at the top left side. At the bottom you can then choose to export the index list to Excel or as a text file:



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11:56 PM - 27 January 2010

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