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Financial Databases and Research - Zephyr and Amadeus (New and old)
Financial Databases and Research

Zephyr and Amadeus (New and old)

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In an earlier post I told you about the new Amadeus interface. I said that there were some excellent improvements over the old interface. An example is the way you can find additional company information using information from another database. Identifiers you can upload are for instance: BVDEP ID Numbers, ISIN codes and Sedol codes. The first is, of course, a proprietary code for databases from Bureau Van Dijk.


In the old interface you first need to create a text file that can then be uploaded and this file needs to have a specific name. In the new interface you can upload infromation directly from an excel file without the need to first create a text file. The movie below shows how you can use company information from the database Zephyr to find more company data in Amadeus using both the old and the new interface.



NB: Zephyr has information on Mergers & Acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings and Venture Capital deals with links to financial company information.


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11:09 PM - 31 January 2010

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