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Financial Databases and Research - Companies & Funds in Canada and SEDAR
Financial Databases and Research

Companies & Funds in Canada and SEDAR

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SEDAR is the abbreviation of: System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval. Sedar was started in 1997 by CDS Inc and offers (public) company regulatory filings to securities commissions across Canada. More information on the background is available through the SEDAR website.

On the website you can find an overview of the filing types, subtypes and document types. A copy can also be downloaded here. The available documents include financial and annual reports. SEDAR allows you to quickly search in two sections:
- Public Company Documents
- Investment Funds Documents

In addition it is also possible to browse through alphabetic sections with links to Company profiles or Fund profiles. From these profiles you can click through to all related filings:

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01:02 AM - 9 August 2011

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