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Financial Databases and Research
Financial Databases and Research

Ownership & Concern relationships in Company.Info

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The company reports have s section called "Handelsregisterloket" (= Chamber of Commerce Desk) where you will find links to: Uittreksels (extract of the register), Original annual accounts (Originele jaarrekeningen), Standardised annual accounts (Standaard jaarrekeningen) and Concern relationships (Concernrelaties), History, Deposits and Statutes. If these reports are available you can find them there.



By Clicking the link Concern relationships you get to a new screen which shows a list of original official documents from the Chamber of Commerce (NB: only those that were requested through Company.Info) with the dates when these were downloaded through the Chamber of Commerce, an option to buy a new current concern relationship document from the Chamber of Commerce, and visual presentation based on the last downloaded document. An example is shown below:



The company reports also offer a good way to get an overview of the current ownership structure of a company. Below you see the section of the report that shows part of the available information.



By clicking the option "Details" you get more information on the ownership of the company. The Excel option allows you to to export the full list to Excel with additional data including addresses and the name of the main director.


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03:42 PM - 22 January 2011


Posted in Company.Info


One of the major databases available on Dutch companies. Company.Info covers 2 million companies and has data on 2 million directors. The main search screens/options are:
- Organisations (Company reports)
- People (Directors & board members: CEO, CFO, etc.)
- Reports (annual reports, financial statements, etc.)
- News (Press releases of the top 1000 Dutch companies)
- Market Research (Over 5000 market reports from ±400 organisations)
- Compliance (Reports on Regulations, Companies, etc.)
- Bankruptcy (Short reports on companies from 2005 to now)
- Jurisdiction (Reports on taxes, legal verdicts, etc.)
- Overviews by exchange, key figures and geography.



The database Company.Info is a good way to analyse a company and find out more about their current company structure & links, management and recent history. The historical information includes financial information as well as news releases and reports on companies and markets.

A company report usually covers the following items (if available): A short summary / description of the company activities and some basic information, Links to the lastest news on the company and a list of original financial reports, the section which lists available Trade register publications & Trade register counter, related companies (Full owners) and an overview of the management, Standard annual accounts and ratios: Balance sheet, P&L, General, Financial ratios, Graphs: gross margin, profit & employees, Sectorlinks, Market research: link(s) to reports covering the companies market, Peer group: a list of companies that are considered its peers with information on: Organisation, Turnover, Profit, Employees, Solv., Profits/Employees, Country, Year.


Clik here to view example report


Using the database it is also possible for customers to buy additional reports or financial reports from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (if registered). These reports will from then on also be included as reports in Company.Info and be availabe for all customers. Over the years more reports will then be available.
Key parts of the company reports can be downloaden directly into Excel. The company reports' financial section covers the last 5 years but additional financial information is very often available.


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12:26 PM - 17 January 2011

This weblog will deal with all kinds of tips and tricks on the use of several financial databases.

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