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Financial Databases and Research
Financial Databases and Research

Some specific company information in Factiva

Posted in Factiva has a very nice option to investigate companies. After finding and selecting a company you get the following options to view company information:
- Company Snapshot
- News
- Latest News
- Web News
- Multimedia
- Key Developments
- Peer Comparison
- Financial Results
- Reports.

Not all options/sections are always available: it depends on the source information available. Through selecting the section Financial Results it is possible to view the statement types separately: Balance Sheet Annually, Balance Sheet Interim/Quarterly, Cash Flow Annual, Cash Flow Interim/Quarterly, Income Statement Annual, Income Statement Interim/Quarterly, Geographic Segment breakdown, Business Segment breakdown, and Key ratios.

The statement types that offer financial data give some unique information at the top of each column: Update Type/Date, Auditor/Accountant & Accounting Standard.

Below you see an example of part of a financial statement:

This type of information is available and listed separately for each year. There are very few databases that list this type of data for each year separately. Some databases have part of the data but none of them lists the information quite like this. More databases should include this specific information for each year.

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09:31 PM - 16 June 2011

Investigating companies using

Posted in Factiva


Factiva has a nice charting function which makes it possible to create a stock chart for companies. In addition you can read news articles surrounding specific dates in a chart. First you need to chart a company. You can use the symbol look up option to search for companies using their names or their Ticker symbols. An example of a chart is shown here:


You can use the mouse to go over a specific line of a stock in the chart. When you do a popup with date information will appear for that stock:



When you click the line at a specific date the Factiva database will do a search in the news sources part of the database. The next screen that appears shows the news or magazine articles in a fourteen week period surrounding this date. Sample screen:



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10:29 PM - 22 January 2009

Financial data &

Posted in Factiva


Factiva has company information from annual reports going back 5 years. The financial news database also has information on Stocks, Funds, Currencies and Common Market Indexes. The frequency of this kind of information is daily (2 years). It is also possible to choose a weekly, monthly or an annual frequency (which goes back 5 years) for the data.


The data can be gathered and saved for spreadsheet programs like Excel and SPSS. It is also possible to create charts and compare items. This option is available from the Companies/Markets menu under Charting. This is a quick and easy way to create nice charts for a limited number of stocks without having to use a spreadsheet program.


The first example shows a comparison of a few stocks. You can use the symbol look up option to search for companies using their names or their ticker symbols.



The second example shows a comparison for some indexes which can also include stocks. If you want to do this you need to take the following steps:

  • First got to the Quotes section through the menu
  • Select the option Common Market Index
  • Choose one of the indexes and click the button "Get quote"
  • Now choose the option Get Interactive Chart below the chart
  • In the next screen add indexes and/or stocks you want to compare
  • When you are finished adding items use the button "Redraw Chart"


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11:27 PM - 4 November 2008

This weblog will deal with all kinds of tips and tricks on the use of several financial databases.

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