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Financial Databases and Research
Financial Databases and Research

Historical currency exchange rates - part 1

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Two financial databases that I am familiar with have have exchange rate data. The first is the Global Market Information Database (GMID) and the second is Datastream.
The GMID database offers data going back to 1973. The data is a calculated annual number based on Monthly averages. Based on the past trends the exchange rates are also estimated for the next 5-6 years.
Exchange rates for older currencies like the Spanish Peseta or Belgian Francs are not available, however.
You can look up exchange rates by using the search option. The search result will show some standard exchange rate lists. You can customize these lists to fit your purpose.

GMID can be used as follows to get exchange rates:

  • Click the option Countries at the top in the Menu
  • Click on Finance in the grey menu on the left side
  • Mark the option Economic Indicators in the middle of the screen
  • Click the "plus-box" in front of the name: Exchange rates
  • Select for instance : Exchange rates against ECU/Euro Statistics

  • To continue click the red button NEXT at the bottom of the screen
  • Select one or more countries in the next screen
  • Click the red button RUN SEARCH
  • If you want to view all countries of your selection at the same time, click the red button VIEW ALL RESULTS
  • The default time period is 5 years. You can change this period by selecting the button "Change Time Series" from the grey menu on the left side

  • The exchange rate table can be exported using the green Excel button in the top right corner.


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07:09 PM - 22 September 2008

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