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Financial Databases and Research
Financial Databases and Research

The new LexisNexis Academic website

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Recently I watched the live presentation of the new website/interface for Academic institutes in the Netherlands. The new Academic LexisNexis website is announced to go live in September 2011. The website is a definite improvement on the current website. One of the main improvements is, that it is a lot easier to search in individual information sources or to combine searches. Depending on the subscribed modules a list of the licensed modules will appear to the left of the screen in a menu. By clicking on a blue menu item you can go to this sepecific module. The first screen will list all available modules at your organisation with search options for each. Example:

The news module has some excellent new options, including a much awaited option to export and save news article bibliographic data. When the new interface becomes available, unfortunately the only export option is Refworks. I understand, however, that an additional export option will become available soon (this year) for reference software like Reference Manager, EndNote, etc.

The business module has improved and now offers a simple search option that presents a compact company snapshot based on the information sources available. This makes the options similar to those in the company snapshots available through Yahoo Finance and Each part of the snapshot lists part of the information of a full company report and you can click on to the full report to get more information. The company module looks to be integrated more with the news section and this makes it easier to get additional current news on a company. Example:

One specific information source I want to highlight here: the SEC filings database Edgar Online. If you select this specific source you get some nice additional search options: you can limit your search to a specific type of Form. In a previous post I have gone into this source and linked to the WikiPedia website that lists available forms in Edgar. In my opinion the new Academic Lexis nexis website makes it much easier to search a specific company source like Edgar Online. Example:

More information and some live demonstrations have been posted on Youtube. Currently 18 short movies showing the available features have been made available:

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07:48 PM - 20 June 2011

Companies and advertising budgets

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Not long ago I was asked if there were any sources that list information on advertising for companies. There was only one source that I knew had some information on this: the company module in LexisNexis. If your organisation has a subscription to this you will be able to find the information in the company grouping: "Company Information - incl. D&B, M&A, bankruptcy".
In the Dutch language version the grouping is called: "Bedrijfsinformatie - incl. D&B, F&O, Faillissementen, etc."


Two specific information sources are available:
- Standard Directory of Advertisers
- Standard Directory of International Advertisers


The first source has reports on 25.000 companies that operate in the United States. The second source has reports on 1700 companes world wide. To find the reports easily try a search like this:


"Standard Directory of International Advertisers" AND "Unilever plc"


The information in the reports is often limited and concerns only current information, not historical data/changes. In addition to brief general information on a company it lists:
- Advertising budget
- Advertising service companies
- A general overview of advertising channels used.


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08:39 PM - 24 May 2011

Changes in the LexisNexis Business module

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Today I discovered that there have been some changes in the availability of company information sources in the business module. Below you find the changes that I discovered.


1) New Sources:

  • Aerometric Information Reporting System; AIRS
  • Business Monitor International Company Profiles
  • Consensus Earnings Estimates, Nelson's
  • Finedatta Company & Financial Information of East African Companies
  • GlobalData
  • gtai - Investitions- und Entwicklungsvorhaben (ehemals bfai)
  • gtai - Länder und Märkte (ehemals bfai)
  • gtai - Rechtsdatenbank (ehemals bfai)
  • Insolvenzbekanntmachungen (Bundesanzeiger Verlag)
  • Latin Portfolio 1000 Directory
  • McGregor-CIPRO (SA Companies)
  • PIERS Trade Profiles
  • SDC Mergers & Acquisitions
  • SDC Poison Pills Report

2) Sources that have been removed:

  • Global Markets Direct Company Profiles
  • Jigsaw Contacts Database
  • Morningstar Canadian Institutional Database
  • Morningstar US Institutional Database
  • Nelson's Consensus Earnings Estimates
  • Xinhua Financial Network China Company Profiles

I have made a list of all the sources that are currently available: you can download it here. Some company sources are not Grouped sources. These "ungrouped" sources can only be searched individually using the name of the source in the search. Two sources that I would like to highlight here are from Thomson Information Services Inc.: SDC Mergers &

Acquisitions and SDC's Poison Pills Report. Both sources are also available directly from Thomson (as SDC Platinum) but are now available in the typical searchable full-text format of the LexisNexis.


SDC Mergers & Acquisitions
The Worldwide Mergers & Acquisitions database provides comprehensive coverage of mergers and corporate transactions from every corner of the world. The database covers mergers and acquisitions, stock swaps, recapitalizations, bankruptcy liquidations, asset sales and divestitures, leveraged buyouts, tender offers, spin and splitoffs, stake purchases, FDIC sales of failed banks, rumored and seeking buyer transactions. Coverage includes all corporate transactions involving at least 5% of the ownership of a company where the transaction was valued at $1 million or more (after 1992, deals of any value are covered) or where the value of the transaction was undisclosed. Public and private transactions are covered. The information for each deal is presented on LexisNexis in three (linked) separate reports:
** Comprehensive Transaction Report - target and acquirer profiles, and comprehensive summary of deal characteristics including acquisition techniques, defensive tactics, deal value, and transaction synopsis

** Complete Financials/Multiples Report (available only for deals where the target is a US public company) - five-year financials, growth rates and key financial ratios for the target; and a brief financial summary for acquirer

** Comprehensive Advisors/Fees Report - legal counsel of target and acquirer, and breakdown of financial advisor fees paid by target and acquirer, including fee assignment, type and amount


SDC's Poison Pills Report
It provides detailed information on all shareholder rights plans and amendments adopted by US and Canadian issuers since the invention of the "poison pill" device in 1983.  Reports analyze how companies have altered their plans in response to shareholder concerns, with details on trigger levels, redemption and amendment provisions, trigger exceptions and plan status.  The database includes details on all types of pills, including flip-in, flip-over, back-end and voting rights plans. The information for each poison pill is presented on LexisNexis in three (linked) separate reports:
** Comprehensive Summary Report - issuer profile and comprehensive summary of pill characteristics including date of adoption, status, type, impetus for adoption, rights exercisable, exercise price, trigger thresholds, redemptions, amendment and exchange provisions, and expiration date.
** Grandfather Provisions Report - issuer profile, date of adoption, status, text of grandfather provisions, other carveouts, exempt parties, and legal advisors
** Project Trigger Impact Report - issuer profile, shares before and after flip-in, exercise-to-market ratio, and change in value for public shareholders and acquirer's investments


The best way to find specific reports is often combining string. If you are interested in poison pill reports it is easy to look for these in the group Company Information - incl. D&B, M&A, bankruptcy by combining it with the name of a company. Example search:


"Poison pill report" AND "Great Western Minerals"


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01:00 PM - 29 September 2010

LexisNexis and company group structures

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LexisNexis has a nice source in the Company section which allows you to call up the group structure for a company. This way you can find out how the companies within a group relate to eachother. The report allows you to call up a tree structure to get an overview of the parent and the underlying daughter companies. Each daughter company for which a separate report is available in the same source you can click on and go to a short company report.


The source for these reports in LexisNexis is called "Directory of Coporate Afilliations". The Directory of Corporate Affiliations contains profile information and corporate linkage to the eighth level for more than 182,000 public and private companies (including more than 62,000 parent companies worldwide).

The source cannot be selected from the LexisNexis overview of Company report groupings. You need to mark the grouping which contains the reports from this source: "Company Information - incl. D&B, M&A, bankruptcy" (Dutch: Bedrijfsinformatie - incl. D&B, F&O, Faillissementen, etc.).

In addition you need to build a search which allows you to get specific reports for the company you are interested in because otherwise you also get all the reports that include the name of the company where it is part of the list of competitors.


Example search:
"LexisNexis® Corporate Affiliations" AND "ABBOTT Laboratories"


To limit the number of reports you get to exclude reports where the same company is part of the list of competitors you can include a part that excludes reports based on the nearness of the name of this section heading: Competitors.

Search example:
("LexisNexis® Corporate Affiliations" AND "ABBOTT Laboratories") AND NOT (Competitors: W/50 "ABBOTT Laboratories")


You may need to change the number in the command W/50 to exclude or include more reports. You can also use the sorting option at the top of the search result to sort the result and more quickly find the report you need.


In a report you can click on the link Corporate Hierarchy  at the section "CORPORATE STRUCTURE". This way you get an overview of the structure as it is available in this source (hierarchy to the 8th level).



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09:53 AM - 16 September 2010

Dutch companies in LexisNexis

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Many Dutch organisations are registered at the Dutch chamber of commerce (Kamer van Koophandel). When a company is registered there it gets a unique company number called the KVK number. This number can be used to quickly search and get company reports from LexisNexis. The KVK number is made up of the main number of 8 digits and 1 or more Sub numbers if the company is located and active in more locations. The sub number is always four digits long.


The head office of the company Rabobank Nederland has the number 30046259 with the sub number 0000. Each additional location where the company is active has a different sub number: 001, 002, 003 etc. Be aware, however, that a daughter or affiliated company may also have it's own specific 8 digit KVK number!


The Dutch company reports in LexisNexis include the KVK number and this makes it possible to look up specific companies at specific locations. The number in a report is in a specific field and it looks like HANDELSREG: 30046259-0000.

By doing a simple search on the complete KVK number 30046259-0000 I get just one report on the main company Rabobank Nederland (Also called: Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen Boerenleenbank BA).


By limiting the search to just the first 8 digits I may even get additional reports on daughter companies as well as reports on current managers and directors and possibly also reports on Merger and Acquisition activities. A good small example of this is a search on the company Koninklijke Brill NV using KVK number 28000012.



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10:25 AM - 26 August 2010

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