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Financial Databases and Research
Financial Databases and Research

SDC VentureXpert & Company names

Posted in SDC Platinum


In the previous post on looking up Portfolio companies in SDC database VentureXpert I was under the impression that it was possible to look up company names as a list using the button "A Codes". When I tried to look up a list of companies I kept getting an SQL error. After contacting the Thomson helpdesk it has now become clear that this button cannot be used to do this. The "A codes" button can only be used for looking up companies using codes like CUSIP.


The only way to look up company codes to find out more information on the portfolio companies is to look them up individually / manually. It may be that you will have to use different databases for different data. For instance, the "Portfolio Companies" and the "Firms" database has industry or sector-information but not SIC or NAICS codes. You can find this information in SDC databases like Global New Issue and Mergers & Acquisitions, Compustat and many other databases.


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12:28 PM - 28 October 2010

SDC VentureXpert search problem

Posted in SDC Platinum


The past week I have struggled with a search problem in the (part) database Portfolio Companies of the SDC database VentureXpert. What I tried to do was look up companies from an earlier VentureXpert download on the composition of funds. The search on individual company names is not a problem. When I try to look up a list of companies and upload this an SQL database error appears and the software sometimes crashes.


The search I did was as follows:
1) Start up SDC
2) Select the VentureXpert database "Portfolio Companies"
3) Use the Search Menu
4) From the tab Portfolio company select the search option: Company name
5) Click the button "A Codes"
6) Paste a list of names from a notepad
7) Click the button "Load"



The error that appears is: -----> End of SQLDBX Error Report <-----


Next I sometimes get access violation errors. The Thomson Financial helpdesk was very helpfull in trying to find the cause of the problem but in the end no immediate solution could be found. The development team of Thomson is currently trying to solve the problem. When the problem is resolved  I will post a new item. The only immediate solution for finding a list of companies by name seems to be looking up each individual company separately and then marking them.


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11:32 AM - 27 October 2010

SDC VentureXpert & private equity portfolios

Posted in SDC Platinum


When you are interested in finding out what the composition is of the portfolio's of private equity funds in specific nations the SDC database VentureXpert is a good starting point. For example: when I am interested in Dutch private equity funds involved in buyout related deals doing a search is easy:

  1. Start up SDC Platinum and go to the database using the tab VentureXpert
  2. Mark the part database Funds and click the OK button to go to the database.

  3. Choose: Navigation Menu > Search Menu. Click OK.
  4. Select the time period you are interested in and click OK to continue.
  5. Use the tab "Investment Type" to select all Buyout Related deals.
  6. Go to the tab "Fund/Firm" and use the variable/option Fund Nation (double-click to select it)
  7. Type in Netherlands and double-click to select this nation. Click OK to continue.

  8. Close the Search screen and use the button "Execute" at the top of your screen (to the right) to find these funds.
  9. Create a custom report using the menu option at the top of the screen: Report > New Custom
  10. From the items screen search and select the following variables:
    - Fund Name = Naam of the fund that is managed
    - Fund Portfolio Cos Name = Overview of the Current companies in the portfolio
    - Fund's Mgmt Firm: Name = Firm that manages the portfolio
    - Mgmt Firm's Fund List = Names of the funds that are managed by the firm.
  11. When you are done, close the Items screen and save the report under an easily recognizable name
  12. Use the button "Execute" at the top of your screen (to the right) to view the new report. (If a message pops up on the size of the report just click NO to NOT return to design mode).
  13. At the top left corner in the menu you find the option to save/export the list of Funds: Document > Export/Save as.

Important tip: if you are interested in finding out more information on the companies in the portfolio's of the funds you can add the following two variables to make it easier to find out more:

  • Fund Portfolio Cos: 6-digit Cusip = Cusip identification code for the companies in the portfolio
  • Fund Portfolio Cos: Ticker = Ticker code for the companies in the portfolio

Using these codes it may be easier to get more information on the companies from other databases in SDC Platinum, or databases like Datastream or Compustat. For a short overview of options you can check out an earlier blog item on databases and company identifiers. If you are going to use Cusip codes to look up more data be sure to save the report in SDC as a text file. If you save the report to excel you may lose zero's or other characters of the Cusip codes due to the automatic formatting Excel applies. Searching for additional information using "formatted" Cusip codes may cause problems. After saving the report as a text file you can always open it later in Excel or other programs. Using Excel you can use the text wizard to get the data in the correct columns again. Just make sure to import everything as Text!


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11:32 AM - 2 September 2010

SDC VentureXpert Report problem: supplemental

Posted in SDC Platinum


A short while ago I reported that there is a problem with one of the standard reports that are available in the VentureXpert database of SDC Platinum. The problem has been reported to the Thomson company and they are currently working on it. Earlier, I thought the problem would be fixed in days or a week at most. It seems the problem is harder to fix than I thought because today I was told that it will take several Months before the problem is fixed. It may be that it will take until the end of the year. I hope that the problem will be fixed sooner, though!

In the mean time maybe you can try contacting the helpdesk of your organization (or the owner Thomson Reuters) If you need the data from this report and cannot get it any other way.


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06:06 PM - 14 June 2010

SDC VentureXpert Report problem

Posted in SDC Platinum


At the moment there appears to be a problem with one of the standard reports that are available in the VentureXpert database of SDC Platinum. The problem concerns the report "Cumulative Performance / Cumulative Internal Rate of Return (IRR)". When I do a search a search and call up the report I get an empty report with no cumulative data.


Below you see an example of a search + Report combination that shows the problem:
- Database Selection: Performance
- Search menu
- United States
- 3. All private Equity Funds
- No limitations on fund characteristics
- Report: Cumulative Performance / Cumulative Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
- Annual
- From date: december 1984
- To Date: december 2009


The problem has been reported to the Thomson company and they are currently busy investigating the problem.


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11:39 AM - 9 June 2010

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